Health is not only
about the body, but also
about society and
relationships within it

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Who we are

«Health solutions»
is an analytical and dialog platform which brings together people with transformation expertise in different spheres: healthcare, culture, education, communications, economy, management, etc.
Our purpose
is to care for the person as a value in the architecture of the new social contract and to make health an integral part of the “optics” that we must apply to any social transformations.

Why health is a cultural category

We strive to destroy «the reserves of totalitarianism» and restore human dignity
For healthcare
how hospitals can
be made effective
For community
how communities can
be made healthy
For the military
how to come back
from war
what changes are needed on
the level of national policies
Health is not the absence of disease but the highest possible level of self-fulfillment

Manifesto of Healthy Society

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be at the center of change


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